Flexibility Test

Health and Wellness
Josiah Hess Carter Cliff

Mrs. Lindsay Wong

"The purpose of this science project was to determine whether or not people can stretch and get more flexible in a short period of time. Stretching can help your athletic performance by preventing cramps and increasing muscle power. The hypothesis we investigated is whether stretching for ten minutes a day will improve your flexibility over a three week period of time. We did this experiment by performing specific stretches each day for a ten minute period of time. Every three days we used the sit and reach box and recorded our progress. Our results showed that everybody improved their flexibility by at least 12 cm in the three week period. The person who made the most improvement started with the least flexibility and went from not being able to reach the start of the sit and reach box to reaching to 23 cm. The person who made the least improvement started out with the most flexibility but still improved 12 cm. This shows that even a fairly flexible person has room for improvement when he commits to stretching ten minutes a day. What this contributes is to give people hope that practicing stretching every day will actually make a difference. Being flexible is an important step to preventing injuries and keeping people healthy so seeing that stretching every day even for a short period of time increases flexibility is good motivation for stretching. Keywords: fitness, stretching, health, exercise, flexibility, athletics, gymnastics, yoga, body "

Project presentation

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