Finding Affordable and Renewable Energy Sources

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Natalie Flores

Lisa Baker

"With the use of pvc pipe, magnets, and copper wire there is the ability to make enough voltage to light up multiple LED lights - This voltage is achieved by moving the prototype in multiple ways so that the magnets crossed the copper wire making electricity"

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Finding Affordable and Renewable Energy Sources

  1. I like how colorful your slide deck was, and your real life application that your project provides. this is such an important topic considering climate change, so im proud that you care and helping the world!

  2. Thank you for this project, it was interesting. Additional things that you could add is a description of the electromagnetic process where the voltage is created by moving the magnets. Showing how current is created with the movement of the magnets across the coils.
    Not sure how to do it, but think about how to describe shaking, vs. jumping, vs. running. Different rates of each, could this change the voltage?

    Thanks, well done!

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