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Face Mask Extravaganza

Health and Wellness
Sabina Vaswani class

Sabina Vaswani

"Since the outbreak of Covid-19, and more recently, Omicron variant, people have been complaining about difficulty breathing while wearing a mask. Our class wanted to test that claim with the KN95 masks and oximeters to investigate further. With the use of an oximeter, we tested the heart rate and oxygen saturation with and without a mask. This experiment would help us test our hypothesis which is, that by wearing a mask, the heart rate will increase to maintain the same oxygen level. "

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One thought on “Face Mask Extravaganza

  1. Happy to see that your study showed that wearing a KN95 mask does not affect heart rate or oxygen saturation levels among 5th graders who, I assume, do not have heart or breathing issues! Nicely done!

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