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Cox Conserves Award

Everything Old Can Be Made New Again

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Leyna LaPierre Dante Escobar Eli Hernandez Jr.

Jackie Nichols

This project gives a sustainable city design where everything old can be made new again. Highlights of our city design include bioremediation and ""rails for trails"", underpass community parks, toxic brownfields become new developments, ""mining the city"" for materials, food systems designed to thrive in nature, fashion sharing, sustainable reconstruction, and wave energy. Key words include bioremediation, mining the city, circular economy, sustainable design, and waste management.

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One thought on “Everything Old Can Be Made New Again

  1. This sounds like a very good place to live. You did a good job of illustrating your concepts. Why do you think the fashion/swapping charts went down and then went up again to about what they were at the beginning?
    I hope you return next year with another project. Nice work.

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