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Environmentally Safe Plastic From Milk

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Leilani McComisky

Mr. Matthew Hough

"1. Finding a solution to end plastic pollution in our oceans. 2. Because I saw the plastic pollution on our beaches in Hawaii and it made me sad. We had to pick it up because it was so bad sometimes, we could not sit on the beach. 3. We can make biodegradable plastics. 4. It is possible to make biodegradable plastics to save our earth. "

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2 thoughts on “Environmentally Safe Plastic From Milk

  1. Interesting project! I did not know that plastic could be made from the casein in milk.
    One thing to keep in mind when using sources, make sure not to quote them word for word unless you cite them correctly (quotations marks and the source identified right there). Put the information in your own words.

  2. Super unique project and way to start thinking about environmentally safe plastics.

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