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Enrichment for Tigers

Animal Sciences
Mila Madeka

Elisabeth Gingrich

"My project went through many stages before getting to where I am now. At first I thought I was going to make a fake edible animal to help zoo tigers’ preying instinct but zoos already do that. And because of safety hazard, it was also hard to test for real. So I thought I could make a model of an enriched habitat. But then we went to Wildlife World Zoo and got the idea to make two paper mache zebras for two tigers and spraying the zebras with different colognes and test it! My prediction was that the tigers will interact more with the zebra that smell they like better. We worked very hard on it for 2 weeks and on the day of putting it in the enclosure we got great results that proved my hypotheses and will be shown in the video! I think my project is a science category with some engineering because I had to find a way to make the zebras completely non-toxic and it also needed to come apart and fit back together for easy transport to the zoo."

Project presentation

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4 thoughts on “Enrichment for Tigers

  1. Wow, you did a lot of research! You also adjusted your experiment as you gained information – good job!

  2. Your project is beautiful to look at and amazing to see your plan come to life. I am sure you will never forget this experience. The video brings joy to all!

  3. Extraordinary effort and very well done. I learned a lot from your project. Keep it up.

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