Eggsperiment with Sugar drinks

Health and Wellness
Adrian Castillo

MariAnn Slater

"1. The problem in this experiment is that I am trying to figure out how sugary drinks stain teeth. 2. The reason why I want to do this experiment is because it really interests me and I like sugary drinks so knowing what they are doing to my teeth will be beneficial. 3. The results for this experiment showed that after averaging my 10 trials. The coffee (black) was the most effective, going at the average of 8.9. This shows that coffee is the most effective one out of all of the drinks I tested. 4. This may be really helpful to other people that wanna know which drinks to drink. They could also control how much they wanna which type of drinks is the best to drink for their diet. "

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One thought on “Eggsperiment with Sugar drinks

  1. This was a really nice experiment. I am glad you learned about the affects of these drinks on your teeth and that you will take care to brush your teeth to protect them from staining and tooth decay. I hope you share your experimental results with your friends – those very dark colored eggs convinced me to be careful with what I am drinking!

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