Effects of Screen Time on the Attention Span

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Mia Nickerson

Lisa Baker

"The research question is, “Does screen time have an effect on the attention span” Previous research that has been done shows relationships between things like children who watch more TV do worse in school and have a harder time learning. There are also studies that show relationships between high amounts of screen time and the development of ADHD. My project goes into gathering the participants screen time and going the through the Posner task which is a test testing the attention span and ability to not “zone out” quickly. "

Project presentation

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One thought on “Effects of Screen Time on the Attention Span

  1. I like the research question being addressed in this experiment. Screen time and attention span are very important topics especially in younger adults and kids in their every day lives. With the ever-growing technology based society, screens will only be used more and more and be integrated into to human life at an increasing rate

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