Effects of Growth in Different Soil Types on Raphanus Satvius Compared to Growth in Potting Soil

Plant Sciences
Mia Romero

Elyse Wexler

"The experiment was how different soil types would affect the growth of a Raphanus Satvius compared to the growth of it in regular potting soil. Different elements of soils, such as aluminum in dirt, compost, and fertilizer, play a part in how a plant will grow. The research question was approached by analyzing the basis of what needed to be done and using that to form an experiment that can be used to answer this question. The experiment was done with four Raphanus Satvius grown in four different soils: potting soil, potting soil with fertilizer, potting soil with compost, and dirt, and heights measured every week, with the amount of water given to each staying constant throughout, then heights of the plants in potting soil with fertilizer, potting soil with compost, and dirt were compared to the height of the plant in potting soil to see which one had the highest growth when compared to the growth in potting soil, and the results came out with the plant in dirt being the highest growth at 7.6 cm when compared to the plant in potting soil at 4 cm."

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