Grand Award

2nd Place

Effects of Fundamental Motion Patterns on VR Cybersickness

Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Science
Okan Guvenc

Kerri Castell

" In this project, I investigated which fundamental motion patterns in a VR experience cause the major cybersickness symptoms. I programmed 1-minute long Virtual Reality simulations using VR a-Frame coding language where a different motion pattern is tested at a time. I asked participants to experience the tests and provide cybersickness levels using a pre-test and post-test survey. I found that limiting the visual area reduces cybersickness. Cybersickness is not caused due to motion with constant speed, but because of a change in speed of motion. The amount of detail in the environment increases the level of cybersickness. Based on these results VR applications should limit the visual area allowed to the user during high acceleration scenes and reduce the frequency of visual cues where possible."

Project presentation

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