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USS Tucson 770 Club Outstanding project in nautical or submarine sciences

Effect of Temperature on Rust Formation

Chemical and Material Sciences
Andre Celaya luis fiool Gabrielle Estrella

Elyse Wexler

"This project tries to answer the question if different temperatures will effect the speed of rust formation on common metals. The project does this by setting up metal nails submerged in water in areas with differing temperatures and recording the amount mass added by rust on the nails over a given period of time."

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5 thoughts on “Effect of Temperature on Rust Formation

  1. Revolutionary Work from all Three of you!! This was an absolute delight to read and a thriller of a project to embark on gracing my mind. The whole concept from the very start was an eye catcher. The idea of measuring rust was an outstanding idea and was executed very well over the course of the project. The most glorious part was the “errors” slide, great work showing the clear possible error then disproving it. This project was stellar and one of the most interesting of the bunch. Hats of to you guys and best of luck winning this whole thing.


  2. I like the idea of your project and it could definitely be applied to many things. Your research was well brought up and the experiment was well designed. The rust color on the power point tied it all together.

  3. This is an amazing project! The graphs were amazing, and the images paired with the color scheme made for absolute artistic perfection! I really like the project concept, as it was super interesting and the insane detail in background information was also appreciated.

  4. I enjoyed the amount of background information as well as the next steps from this experiment. The conclusion slide was also nicely detailed.

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