During a Drought....Every Day is ""Lawndry"" Day

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Alexander Montoy

Mrs. Susie Herman

This experiment seeks to determine if a Super-Absorbent-Polymers (SAP) could help conserve water to help the Tucson drought problem. For my science project I investigated whether or not a Super-Absorbent-Polymer could help conserve water to help with the Tucson Drought problem. My results say the grapefruit mixture did the best. This process wasn't easy, first I had to get 32 dried grapefruit and orange peels, then I had to make pectin with 8 regular orange slices, next I had to crush the dried peels into dust with a blender. Then I mixed the dust and pectin and put it on my plants. After I did that, I watched the plants and looked to see if they died.|#Tucson #local #water #drought #conservation #enviornment #sustainability #future #earth #enviornment #enviornmentalscience

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  1. I loved your presentation and the unique idea of connecting drought with a polymer.

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