Drum Resonance

Chemical and Material Sciences
Seth James Orr

Mrs. Elaine MacKenzie

"In this project I use drums of different sizes to see how the shape or volume changes the sound or frequency it produces when hit with a drum stick."

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Research paper

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2 thoughts on “Drum Resonance

  1. I thought the idea was interesting. I liked how you measured exactly how big each drum was.

  2. Animation of drum head vibrations for CH06
    This is the website that I promised to send you.
    Check out this website. Don’t worry about the math – it’s at the level of a junior in college majoring in math or engineering. Just look at the animations at the bottom of the webpage. The range of vibrations that the drumhead can experience from just a single hit is amazing, and that’s why your frequency spectrum doesn’t show just one clean peak. A guitar string is simpler because it is one dimensional but it too produces an amazing range of sounds. That’s what makes music from all kinds of instruments interesting and not just a bunch of single notes.
    You picked a very interesting project and I thought you want to see just how interesting.
    If you want to see more, google “drum head eigenvalues”.

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