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Double the Light Double the Power!

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Oliver Lewis

Hailey Sanders

"Solar panels are the future of power. They have limits- cloudy days, night, not angled. They never get enough power when flat, so we angled them. Still, cloudy days don't produce power. So why not add more light? By the end of this experiment you will realize that double the light could mean double the power! "

Project presentation

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4 thoughts on “Double the Light Double the Power!

  1. Good project. Solar energy projects are great projects that can be continue when you reach high school. Interesting results using the mirrors to reflect sunlight onto a flat solar panel.
    Good collection of data. Keep up the good work.

  2. A really good project. Your research was good in analyzing the problems you encountered. Do you think that solar cells on houses could be designed to increase the output by your ideas? Keep up the good work and come back next year!

  3. This was a really good topic for a project and you did a good job with your research and display. Do you see a way to use this principle to increase the output from home roof solar units? You did a really good job explaining the principles and results. I hope you return next year with another fine project.

  4. This is an excellent project and it was well thought out, drawn up, and put together. You have a possible future with (for example) the Unites States Department of Energy, and/or any number of private industries. Well done and I am really happy to see how well it was not only presented but accepted!

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