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Women's Chemistry Group Best Female Project 4th Grade

Don't Lose it! Reuse it!

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Morgan Friezen

Mrs. Mandi Cordell

"What is your favorite sea creature? Let me guess, is it a starfish,clownfish,sea turtle,or maybe you prefer dolphins? Do you know how much plastic gets dumped in the ocean each year? Research shows that over 300 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean each year. Pollution can hurt and damage all of these animals. Plastic can be found on the shoreline in every continent in the world. This can be changed one shoreline at a time. To help stop polluting the oceans we can repurpose plastic into backpacks and more. This can help turn garbage into valuable resources. "

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One thought on “Don’t Lose it! Reuse it!

  1. I agree recycling is important! You may want to look at how to create a better testing methodology and how to use a test group and control group to strengthen your scientific thinking. Keep asking all these great questions and coming up with good solutions.

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