Does Water Affect Mushroom Growth?

Plant Sciences
Emilee Grace Tanner

Dr. Michael Frank

"My project is about how different amounts of watering will affect how mushrooms grow. I chose this project because I was walking home the one day I saw a mushroom, then a few days later after some heavy rain there were 2 mushrooms attached to each other, then they both died, and I wanted to know why. My results showed that my treatments were not significant enough (by the ANOVA test). My overall conclusion was significant water amounts do have an effect on mushroom growth. My project is important because it shows that if you have an interest in something, like how I wanted to know how mushrooms work, you can test, a lot of tests sometimes though, and find an answer."

Project presentation

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One thought on “Does Water Affect Mushroom Growth?

  1. This experiment is really creative, it’s good that you stuck with it even though you didn’t get significant results. Your slides are also really pretty!!

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