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Does Fed Bacteria Produce More Energy than Unfed Bacteria?

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Aiden Evangelista

MariAnn Slater

"1. In this experiment, I will be testing to see how microbial fuel cells work while also measuring the number of volts it produces. I will also be feeding one of the microbial fuel cells with sugar to see if it produces more energy than the other. 2. I did an experiment on bacterial growth and it was really amusing seeing the bacteria colonies grow more and more every day.3. The results were the fed bacteria produced more energy. 4. I think this experiment can help other people because in the future, once technology improves, scientists can make massive microbial fuel cells to produce energy. If it is used in the future, it can also reduce pollution by replacing coal power plants because bacteria eat pollution to produce power. "

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3 thoughts on “Does Fed Bacteria Produce More Energy than Unfed Bacteria?

  1. Very extensive procedures. Excellent interpretation of your data and well presented poster presentation using your pictures. Well done project. This is the kind of project that you could continue when you get into high school.

  2. Very well conducted experiment and your display was excellent. Easy to read and the pictures were great. I hope you will keep up your interest in science and come back again next year with another fine project.

  3. A nice project and very well presented. The information was easy to understand. Why did you choose sugar for the food? Sugar production takes energy, so how much net gain would there be? What else could you have used as food? What would they eat in nature? I hope you are back at SARSEF next year.

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