Does Age Affect Reaction Time

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Alec Ryan Librea Shekinah Erin Carlos

Mrs. Elaine MacKenzie

"Our project is about how an individual's age has to do with their reaction time. We chose this topic because reaction times in highly used in sports and everyday life. overall age has little to do with reaction but mostly has to do with how trained the individuals reactions are. This is important because it corresponds in sports and everyday life."

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3 thoughts on “Does Age Affect Reaction Time

  1. Interesting concept. The speed at which people react is an interesting idea for an experiment. By analyzing the averages for age and gender, this experiment has a good take and supporting evidence on the presented idea.

  2. Bruh your graphs, immaculate. Your slides, gorgeous. And your outfits, literally so cute! I can tell you tried really hard and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!! <3 – from your number one fan

  3. Your project is very interesting to me as well as your hypothesis that teens to late 20s have the best reaction times. One question is how did you account for the difference in reaction times from people of naturally good and bad reaction times? Was your data pool big enough to “minisculize” that? You have interested me greatly in your project and I look forward too seeing it thrive in the judges hands.

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