Do Snickers Make You Quicker? - Blood Sugar Vs. Reaction Time

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Khloe Darby

Mrs. Hannah Novinski

"I wanted to see if a change in my blood sugar would affect my reaction time when I race my Junior Dragster. Over 3 days, I tested my reaction times with a normal blood sugar, a high blood sugar and while I was fasting. I recorded my blood sugar level and my reaction times while making sure all other variables stayed the same. "

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Do Snickers Make You Quicker? – Blood Sugar Vs. Reaction Time

  1. Very interesting project. Your interest in this topic is evident. It makes me wonder how our diet might affect drivers on the road?

  2. I was a little concerned about your safety in doing this experiment. Was it safe for you to make your blood sugar very high? And then to race a Jr. Dragster? Is this going to affect the way you race? I think I know what your future profession will be! Very interesting!

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