Do Seconds Count When it Comes to Dropped Food?

Health and Wellness
Zoee Gonzalez

MariAnn Slater

"1. In this experiment, I will be testing the 3 and 10 second rule. I will test to see if dropping food on the floor for 3 seconds and 10 seconds differ in the cleanliness and bacterial growth on the food. 2. I became interested in this experiment because I love to cook and bake, so I wanted to see how much bacteria is on some of my ingredients if I accidentally drop them for a certain amount of time. 3. The results for this experiment showed that after averaging my food items, the 3 second drop collected an average of 33.4 colonies, the 10 second drop averaged 62.6 colonies, and the clean sample averaged 8.6 colonies. It is evident that every second counts when it comes to dropped food. 4. The information from this experiment can help people figure out if they still want to eat the food they drop. "

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