Do Pictures Say 1,000 Words About the Environment?

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Owen Krughoff

Justin Dye

"For my project I created 2 surveys about the environment. One with pictures and one without. I did this project because I feel that recently there has been a rise in climate change and with that a rise in environmental charities and organizations to help. I was curious if being shown images of what you could do to help would increase the chance of someone contributing. It is also very important for people to care and help in order to prevent disastrous events due to climate change. When people see images, I want them to feel like they can and should make a difference . If people feel like they can make a difference than maybe environmental charities can use imagery to convince more people to help the cause. In the end there were differences especially with air pollution and natural disasters where the survey with pictures got a more positive result.​"

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Do Pictures Say 1,000 Words About the Environment?

  1. You really got a lot of people to participate! And I agree with you that I am amazed that one person has never heard of climate change. Your results seem to show that people care about climate change when they are shown the results that could happen. That is a good lesson for people and groups that want to fight climate change. They need to see your experiment!

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