Do phobias change with age?

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Katelynn Quintero

MariAnn Slater

"1. In this experiment I will be testing to see if phobias change with age. Do adults people have the same phobias as kids? 2. I want to do this project because I have an unusual phobia, Trypophobia, and I thought will I most likely have this phobia when I am older. 3.The results of my experiment shows that Thantophobia won out of all the phobias. This information indicates that the experiment conducted was useful for finding the most common phobias within the age group of 5 year old's to 50 year old's. 4. The information I will have gathered by the end of this experiment will not help people much but this may be helpful because a person with this phobia, Terophobia, will may be having a hard time overcoming this and if they see my project they might have some hope that their phobia will go away as they get older. "

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2 thoughts on “Do phobias change with age?

  1. Great job building you research background. How do you think you would measure change specifically? You were able to define that these two groups had different phobias, but did the adults change their phobia or were they always scared of death the most?

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