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Do mealworms have personalities?

Animal Sciences
Nina Hipps class

Nina Hipps

"We wanted to investigate if mealworms (larva of darkling beetle) exhibit personality traits associated with behavior (boldness/seeking food, agreeableness/sharing, etc.). We chose this project because of the research Dr. Dornhaus at the Social Insect Lab UA has done. This kind of research could be used to study shifts in insect (or mammalian) habits or social structure. We concluded we could see some differences in behavior (or perhaps personality) and that we need a larger sample size to see more trends. "

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2 thoughts on “Do mealworms have personalities?

  1. The technique you used to take your data is very clever and there was a lot of thought put into it.:) It would be cool to see you do this project with other animals or insects too.

  2. This is great!! What a fun and scientific project for second graders to look at. Thank you for all your hard work putting it together.

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