Grand Award

3rd Place

Do Hummingbirds Prefer Red?

Animal Sciences
Bentley Desjardin

Kimberly Mulligan

"This project was about finding out if hummingbirds are more attracted to a specific color of feeder. I chose this project because I enjoy watching hummingbirds in the yard. The result was that they did drink more from red, but they also drank from other colors. This is important if you want to buy a hummingbird feeder to attract hummingbirds to your yard."

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “Do Hummingbirds Prefer Red?

  1. Nice job on identifying your project and executing it. Also, I like how you thought about it afterwards that the fact they were close together may have affected results. Good thinking!

  2. What an interesting project! I love how you said what you would do next. This project had a purpose, which is nice!

  3. I really like this project, my family loves hummingbirds and have been looking for one that would attract them the most, so this was really helpful!

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