Do Green Beans Grow Better in Hydroponics or Soil?

Plant Sciences
Marisol Blair

Mrs. Alexandria Vaughn

"Project Description: What is your project about? My project is about hydroponics and if they are better than soil when it comes to growing plants (farming) Why did you choose this project? I chose this project because I’m interested in how plants grow and how things work. What was your result/overall conclusion? If you prefer to have fast growing and easy to take care of plants then a hydroponic set up is better, but if you want more stable, needy, slow growing plants than soil based plants are better. Why is your project important? My project is important because it gives farmers or gardeners help when choosing how to grow their plants, it also helps when it comes to advancements in food technology. "

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  1. Great job on your configuration of your hydroponics system and identifying limitations to your study!

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