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2nd Place

Do Dogs Have a Paw Preference Like Humans?

Animal Sciences
Hayli Knight

Mrs Lindsay Wong

"For my science fair project, I was curious if dogs had a preference for using one paw more than another. Humans are predominantly right handed, equaling 90% of the population, compared to 9% being left handed and only 1 % being ambidextrous. My hypothesis was that dogs would have a paw preference, and I thought the outcome would be similar to humans in that they would be predominantly right pawed. To test this hypothesis, we had 44 dog owners ask their dogs to shake 5 times and record the data on which paw was used. My hypothesis was correct that 59 % of dogs had a paw preference, but I was incorrect that the majority of dogs would be right pawed. The results concluded that 34% of the dogs used their left paw solely and only 25% used the right paw soley. Even more surprising was 41% of dogs were ambidextrous and used both paws. In conclusion, this information could be useful to know if a dogs brains works similar to humans. I feel that this project met my objectives, was fun and interesting. Keywords: Women in STEM, animals, dogs, paws, dominant hands, dominance "

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