Do Acronyms Help You Remember A List of Words?

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Bijou Linn

Mrs Lindsay Wong

"The area of science of this project is human behavior. My project was designed to determine if mnemonic devices such as an acronym improves memory. It met the objective in that my experiment proved that more people remember a list of words using an acronym than without; however, I did not predict that people would remember the same amount of words with and without an acronym. Since three people remembered the same number of words and three people remembered less words, then six people total did not remember more words using an acronym. That means that an equal number of people remembered more words using an acronym as the number of people that remembered the same or less words using an acronym. "

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One thought on “Do Acronyms Help You Remember A List of Words?

  1. How long did your participants look at the group of words? Do you think if your words were themed in a way, all words being related to a house or all words relating to feelings, if this would affect how many words someone would remember?

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