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Dirty Hands Made Clean

Health and Wellness
Lauren Dennis Ethan Dennis

Katherine Wilson

"We wanted to know the best way to clean your hands. We got germs at school. At home we grew them in Petri dishes. We tried four different ways to clean our hands. Those ways were washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap, just water for 20 seconds, just grabbing the soap and rinsing it off, and hand sanitizer. We thought washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds would be the best way and we were right. We thought hand sanitizer would be better than just water or grabbing the soap and rinsing it off, but they were all about the same. We wash our hands better now that we have seen the difference it makes in how you do it."

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3 thoughts on “Dirty Hands Made Clean

  1. Well done and instructive project; using agar in petrie dishes to observe germs and their growth was an appropriate method of gauging results…I will go back to the 20 second method after considering your results!

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