Delta Wind

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Alasdair McElhinney

Jonelle Richardson

"I have been interested in how windmills make energy, but I knew they had a problem. How could they store energy to use when the wind isn’t blowing? I knew that it was a hard problem that made it difficult to use windmills alone. Windmills are important because they are an eco friendly energy source. A way of making them work better, would be better for the planet."

Project presentation

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One thought on “Delta Wind

  1. This was very creative, and it shows your personal interests in the topic which is great.
    The experiment looks very hands on, I would have loved to see more pictures of the system, the gears and weights.
    You also mention the length of the string, that it is important, but then d not talk about it more. testing out string lengths could be the next step in this experiment.

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