Grand Award

2nd Place


Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Mauricio Hernandez

MariAnn Slater

"1.In this experiment I will be testing how different degrees of wind and other environmental factors affect a pitching machine’s trajectory of a baseball towards a batting box. 2. I want to do this experiment because I want to see how I can move the baseball and my body to make the weather not a variable. Another reason why I want to do this experiment is because I grew up playing baseball and I want to subtract one of the many common variables in a baseball game 3. It told me that environmental factors do change the baseball’s trajectory and it's the deviation. 4. How I think this experiment can help other people, by telling them that a baseball moves like this when a certain type of weather or other natural variables. "

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One thought on “Curveball!

  1. Great use of the scientific method and hypothesis. You recorded and documented this project very well.

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