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Chemical and Material Sciences
Josselyn Hernandez

Alfred Santos

"1. My research project consists of engineering organic lipsticks with natural sources while testifying if the organic materials will prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. I choose this project because nowadays people interest in organic products increases, as society become aware of the ecological and environmental effects relate to the use of chemical products. 2. I ran the tests by three parts this being, preparation of natural dyes, engineering of lipsticks and testing for antimicrobial effects. To create the lipstick I used the natural dyes from Annato seeds, Turmeric, Blueberry and Toasted Moringa Seeds. After creating the lipstick I performed Kirby-Bauer Sensitivity Assay to test the antimicrobial effects of the lipsticks against Staphylococcus epidermidis and Candida albicans fungi. I performed a total of 16 experimental treatments and I used ethanol for control. 3. For my results, I was very surprised my hypothesis was correct since I feared the fruit or plant will cause mold resulting in not preventing the growth of bacteria or fungi. Based on the ANOVA test that I performed all the data I gathered are statistically correct. 4. If I had the chance to do it all over again I think I wouldn’t change a thing, I find this research a well planned and conducted one with awesome results. But to improve my project I would perform more trials to validate my results. 5. My findings are important in the way that’s it’s beneficial to society beauty and cosmetic fields because it brings attention to the harmful chemicals cosmetic lipstick acquire. 6. The most challenging component of my experiment was the testing for antimicrobial effects, since I have never work with microorganisms before, it was a whole process to learn how to use the right equipment and measures but overall the process was interesting and fun. 7. I tried to use different amount of coconut out on the oil bases to see how the texture of the lipsticks will change and in results of this, the more I added coconut oil the faster the lipsticks reach melting point. 8. The results from my project provide a benefit to society in a way that it educates society there’s better methods and formulas to make lipsticks or cosmetic products instead of using harmful chemical ones that can only cause long term health issues. "

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  1. I love how you thought of a problem and came up with a very good solution which is outside the box. Also this is inventive because it gives flavors to the lipstick which is usually not flavored and also it prevents damage to the user because it is no longer toxic to use because it uses natural ingredients.

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