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Cool Cleats: Solutions to Keep Feet Cool in Soccer Cleats

Chemical and Material Sciences
Molly Murry

Constantinos Manoli

"The purpose of my science project is to determine the optimal solution for keeping feet cool in soccer cleats. Many factors, practices, and materials used regarding the soccer cleat effects heat reduction. This reduction can increase comfort and performance. Twelve configurations were evaluated including 3 cleat types, 2 insole types, and 2 sock types. The configurations for each cleat that were most effective at keeping the foot cool were the Nike Phantom and Adidas Copa Mundial with Adidas Metro V game sock and the Nike Mercurial with the TRUSOX 3.0 crew sock. The data is inconclusive as to the benefit of the Blusol heat shield insert."

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3 thoughts on “Cool Cleats: Solutions to Keep Feet Cool in Soccer Cleats

  1. I encourage the researcher to consider if the term “significant” was used appropriately when discussing the results. In research, this term is reserved for discussion of data that has statistical analysis of repeated measurements. In this case it is not clear that repeated measurements were made for the same condition, meaning that each data point represents an N = 1. Overall, I thought this was a well conceived and executed project that would benefit from additional data points. Good job!

  2. This was an incredibly well thought out project. It’s very clear that you put a lot of work into this. It really shows! Great job!!

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