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The UACC Award for Early Scientific Inquiry

Concussion Chronicles: Analyzing IMPACT concussion trends across Tucson High School Athletics from 2008 to present.

Biomedical and Health Sciences
Christopher Cota Aidan Chanez

Jeremy Jonas

"Sports are a very important and critically cohesive part of many communities. They aid in both fitness and health, teach fairness and discipline while also providing a fun and entertaining activity for many people all around the world. For some sports involving impact however, it may may come at a cost. Over the past decade, athletic communities have become increasingly aware and cautious with concussions in high school athletes. For this study, we sent out to evaluate and quantify the frequency and quantity of concussions across nine different sports at Tucson High Magnet School from 2008 to present. Our findings can be important in targeting sports with the highest risk of concussions as well as developing new tools to identify, minimize and treat concussions and concussion symptoms."

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