Concentration Techniques for People with Cerebral Palsy

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Chloe Dammeyer

MariAnn Slater

"1.In this experiment I am testing a subject with the disability of cerebral palsy to see which concentration method helps them achieve the highest test scores. The concentration methods that will be used in this experiment are background music, chewing gum, and nothing at all. 2. I became interested in this concept because my brother has cerebral palsy and was given an IEP to help him learn. I wanted to help test some of these methods to help him. 3. The results for this experiment showed that after averaging my 6 trials, the concentration method of gum had an average of 33 percent, the music had an average of 35 percent, and using nothing at all had an average of 31 percent. This showed that the concentration method of music helped the subject get the highest test score. 4. The information from this will not only help my brother but maybe also help others that have cerebral palsy. "

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