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Colony Morphology: Identifying Microbial Diversity

Health and Wellness
Mrs. Susie Herman class

Mrs. Susie Herman

"How diverse are the microbes in our school environment that students touch on their way to the lunchroom? Since we have observed that students touch various surfaces on their way to the lunchroom by placing their hands on structures instead of walking in a straight line, we observed the colony morphology collected on high touch surfaces for a seven day period, leading to the exploration of what microbes exist on various surfaces in our school environment. #healthandwellness #microbiology #microbes #bacteria #colonymorphology #illness #prevention"

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2 thoughts on “Colony Morphology: Identifying Microbial Diversity

  1. Just wish that I had been able to see your data collection sheets in-person as I was unable to enlarge them. Interesting study! Perhaps, the 5th graders in your school will now be far more careful of what they touch on the way to the cafeteria.

  2. Good practical information being sought.
    Good to have entire class participate in analyzing agar plates.
    Good to share info gathered with other classrooms.
    Well done.

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