Change of Mind

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Aubrey Hammett Dizan Martinez

Mrs. Alexandria Vaughn

"Project Description: What is your project about? Our project is about the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon on the internet where people noticed that parts of photos were different, missing pieces, or had different spelling. We wanted to test each age group (kids, teens, adults, and elders) with three different photo examples of Mandela (right and wrong), and see who gets the most correct. Why did you choose this project? We heard about this phenomenon on the internet and were curious to see how it came to be. If there was a creator, if people were just lying, or if our brains just did it to us. What was your result/overall conclusion? After testing, we found that the teens got the most correct answers. We believe this makes sense because teens are in the middle of the ages, and they are mostly online everyday. This can cause teens to believe almost everything they see online. Why is your project important? This project can help people realize that our brains can change memories that we once had. The internet can also help you remember false memories. We can refresh our brains by making sure we can recall correct things. It’s also a fun brain teaser to see online. "

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One thought on “Change of Mind

  1. I thought the subject of the study is important but was troubled by the use of “intelligent mind”. Also not sure that the differences in memory are related to how much time is spent online/internet.

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