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Cats Right or Left Handed?

Animal Sciences
Ian Plumlee

Ms. Andrea Brunenkant

"I have three cats, and I wonder a lot about how cats are like people. One thing I found out is that cats can be right or left handed, but cat handedness is different than human handedness. About 75% of cats are handed, and 25% are ambidextrous (Reference 1). This is different than humans, who are 99% handed. Another difference is that cats are only right handed half the time, but humans are 90% right handed. That made me wonder whether my cats were right or left handed and why."

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5 thoughts on “Cats Right or Left Handed?

  1. Your project was very useful. Now I know when my cat is shy, brave and bold I hope you continue this project so that I can tell when my cat is being playful, needs some alone time and ect by witch hand they use.

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