Catapults: Me vs Dad’s Computer

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Aspen Jones

Mrs. Robyn Yewell

"This project seeks to determine if a catapult can be controlled better with math or guesswork. The reason for my project is I was interested in learning more about how to aim and shoot them as well as their history. I was interested in whether a human or a computer could aim a catapult better. First we figured out how to man the catapult. Next we took our five shots and found the average whoever was closer to the target won. The most important variables that we looked at were the pull back angle and the stop point. #mathematics #math #physics #science #stem #womeninscience #womeninstem"

Project presentation

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One thought on “Catapults: Me vs Dad’s Computer

  1. Nice experiment and it is good to see that you built your own catapult rather than buy a kit. Do you plan to do some more research on this project? Do you want to learn what kind of program your dad used to adjust the catapult?

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