Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Camila Sanchez

MariAnn Slater

1. In this experiment, I will be testing to see what material will work best for soundproofing. 2. The reason I want to do this experiment is because I love it to be quiet . I am very quiet so I want to know what works the best for it to be quiet. 3.The experiment had results. The results are as follows. My results were cardboard worked the best; the average was about 43.4 dBA for volume 5. The average dBA for carpet is at volume 5 which was the highest volume was 71.5 dBA. The average for styrofoam was at volume 5 which was at the highest average was 55.6 dBA. 4. I think this experiment will help people because most people like it to be quiet so if I do this experiment people will know this is how they get the quiet they want. This is how I think my experiment will help people.|

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