Can pH change the colors of the flowers around us?

Plant Sciences
Lily Torres Kali Meyers

Dr. Michael Frank

"Our project is testing how the color of a marigold’s (Tagetes erecta l.) petals changes based on the soil pH. We chose this project because it seemed like a good idea based on the criteria and it looked like an interesting project to carry out. Our overall conclusion was that as the pH of the soil got higher, the color of the petals got darker. Our project is important because it allows us to study plants in an intriguing way. It also helps us to make more scientific discoveries based on the levels of pH in plants and what it can affect throughout different species."

Project presentation

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Research paper

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5 thoughts on “Can pH change the colors of the flowers around us?

  1. I like the color chart that was used when collecting data, and how the data were utilized for statistical analyses, it is very creative!

  2. I like the connection you made in your introduction between pH of the environment, flower color, and pollinator attraction.

    It’s great that you did a lot of trials (replicates) for each pH. The effort of using more trials helped you get better results: the differences between treatment groups are easier to interpret statistically.

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