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Can it be Stopped?

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Mrs. Andrea Velazco class

Mrs. Andrea Velazco

"The purpose of our project was to find out which method is the most effective in preventing erosion on the hill surrounding our soccer field. It looks like the dirt will eventually run down to the soccer field. We decided to make 6 different models using different materials to see which one did the best job at keeping the soil in place. The materials were rock, fake sod, pipe, brick, sandbags, and netting. We were surprised by our findings. "

Project presentation

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One thought on “Can it be Stopped?

  1. I love how your class worked to solve a problem that not only benefits your school but the results can be utilized by others! I also liked how the class was thinking about how the water that did run off could be used to water the soccer field. Sustainability!

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