Camouflage Comparison of Insects

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Isabella Rea

Georgina Matzkin

My project is centered around insects. My main goal was to find which was the most common insect color in Tucson. I chose this project because I have always been intrigued by the question, "What is the most common color of insects in Tucson?". Plus, I always had a interest for insects and animals. After I found insects and measured colors, I found that the most common color of insects in Tucson is actually red, which goes against my hypothesis. My project is important to inform curious people, and also warn people that ants (red ants) are very common in Tucson. Don't get bit!

Project presentation

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One thought on “Camouflage Comparison of Insects

  1. Wow, you really found a lot of different kinds of insects! It was a great idea to sample from different types of habitat. Also, I think it was a good point you made in your discussion about insects that live in colonies being more numerous. I hope you’ll continue to study about insects, because they are endlessly interesting.

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