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Bowl Wars

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Haley Lewis class

Haley Lewis

" Our class conducted an experiment on heat conductivity through different materials and the effect it had on the rate at which the ice cream melted. We chose this project because we live in Arizona where we endure extreme heat warnings and deal with temperatures warmer than most places in the United States year round. Overall, we came to the conclusion, that Pyrex glass insulated the ice cream the best due to the glass' quality and thickness. However, the thin foam bowl we used came really close to melting the slowest. This project is important for many reasons. First, it will help save companies money, by using foam cups instead of paper. By using foam, customers will get to enjoy their frozen dessert longer which in turn will result in better customer satisfaction. Secondly, this information is important for any resident in states with high temperatures, and how to best store groceries in their cars in the summer. Lastly, it will help more people be able to enjoy their ice cream longer, and money will not be wasted on melted ice cream. Screen reader support enabled. "

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