Blow Up Gas Balloon

Health and Wellness
Emma Lackey

MariAnn Slater

"1.In this experiment I am going to find out which soda releases the most gas in our stomach. I am using four different kinds of sodas: Sprite, Coca-Cola, Crush, and Squirt with balloons on top of the bottles representing our stomach. Sodas are common carbonated drinks. These drinks add a significant amount of air into our stomach which causes our stomach to swell. 2. I am inspired to do this experiment because I am curious to see how carbonated drinks like soda lead to swallowing air and building up gas in our stomach.3. In the results, I identified that Squirt was the soda that produced the most amount of gas from all of them. 4 This experiment will help people understand the amount of gas they are consuming when choosing which soda to drink."

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