Grand Award

3rd Place

Beyond the Blaze

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Ben Head

Mrs Lara Huetter

"My project is about the Bighorn fire and how some areas aren’t regrowing on Mt. Lemmon. I will do this by testing the soil of the areas no fire, fire regrown, and burned. I chose this project because Mt. Lemmon recently suffered from one of its biggest fires, the Bighorn fire which burned thousands of acres of plant life and much hasn’t grown back. My project shows that where there were fires, the nitrogen got depleted but there was a sufficiency in other nutrients like phosphorus and potash compared to where there was no fire. This is important to others because the more trees and plants and the less dead burned areas the better. If we can find out why plants are growing we can work to improve the environment to fit the needs of the plants."

Project presentation

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