Bee’s attraction to colors

Biochemical Science and Bioengineering
Ximena German Alannys Ornelas Espinosa

Cynthia Bujanda

"This research discusses how we collected bee to find out the color attraction of the bees in our field of study - the habitat at Sunnyside High School. Sampling techniques, classifying bees and non-bees using a stereoscope included the use of passive color code traps and 15 meter transects. The objective was to examine three different colors of traps (blue, white and yellow). Our findings show that the yellow colored traps exhibited the highest rates of bee capture and species accumulation."

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6 thoughts on “Bee’s attraction to colors

  1. This project is really interesting and I liked how the data was collected. The slide deck design and backgrounds were nice to look at and I think its really cool to understand the sight of bees. This project could also help with attracting more bees for more efficient pollination which I think is pretty neat. :] Very cool project, good luck.

  2. I love how colorful your slides are, and I like how you used many pictures to make your presentation very visually appealing! The results were interesting to me. This project was very well done!

  3. The design/background was awesome. I loved the bright yellow and all the little organic shapes/scribbles. I think they definitely made the presentation pop out and stuck out from the others. Also cool because it’s with bees.

  4. super interesting experiment! It looks very well put together, and definitely can be helpful for bee research. Very cool slide design as well 🙂

  5. This is an amazing project! I love your experimental design and your graphs are very easy to read. I especially love the little designs on your slide deck. Good luck!

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