Batter Up!

Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics
Benjamin Hurley

Mrs Eileen Miller

"My project was to determine which hitting method improves my batting average the most. I used a tee, soft-toss machine and no practice."

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “Batter Up!

  1. I like the way you analytically tried to find the more effective practice technique. Your investigation was well organized and understandable. I also liked the way you applied your background research in forming your investigation. I sounds like a great way to improve your baseball performance. Now, I wonder what you could do to further increase the fair balls, or even hit it further? Nice investigation, keep up the thinking and the practicing!

  2. Nice work investigating a real life challenge! I like the way you used your background research to guide your investigation. Now I am curious about how you might go about increasing fair balls, or even distance hit. I am sure your analytical thinking as well as your commitment to practice will have good results. Keep up the good questioning.

  3. Great research idea! As a former softball player, I know just how important practice is for improving your batting average. As always, we would like to see even more data but I am happy to see you made it to the batting cages three times. I look forward to seeing your virtual reality game for practicing!

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