Avocado Food Fight!

Plant Sciences
Penelope Ashbeck

David Ficke

"What's the best way to store an avocado?"

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2 thoughts on “Avocado Food Fight!

  1. This was a very interesting question, and it is a problem that many of us face. Reducing food waste, like avocado browning, can help save unnecessary foods from being discarded. I think your experiment was very thoughtful and creative, but I think you could have tested some of your suggestions for future work within your given timeframe. This could have elevated your results a little further to really show us something new. I like your idea of using citrus to help preserve the avocado, since we know this can help with the oxidizing of apples. It would also have been helpful to see more replicates (more avocado halves) at each condition. This would show consistency of the results across many different avocados, which would help verify your results.

  2. Great images in your presentation! It is amazing that there are dramatic differences even after 1 hour!

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