Grand Award

2nd Place

Automatic Dog Door Using an Arduino

Robotics and Computer Science
Erica Highlander Bea Goco

Oguz Guvenc

"Design an automatic door for animal rescues and dog shelters that will open efficiently, will cost cheaper, will use animal temperature, and can be applied to an already existing dog door. The automatic door is functional, but there are multiple cons and errors that could make it even better. The overall ultimate success criteria was to get the most viable product. So personally it was a success, even though there were errors. "

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “Automatic Dog Door Using an Arduino

  1. Your motivation for creating this experiment really warmed my heart today. I hope you do good in SARSEF. Good job and good luck!

  2. Great project! Reminds me of why what motivated me to pursue engineering. I found it very rewarding to be able to come up with a design, breadboard hardware together, write software to control the hardware, and watch it come to life. Hope you also found this experience rewarding.

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