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SAPA Excellence in Behavioral Science Award

Audio and Art: A Comparison of Auditory and Visual Stimuli on Human Emotions

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Eva Ramirez Laurel Gray Burkholder

Dr. Michael Frank

"Our project is about the correlation between visual works of art and their audio counterparts created by reverse spectrogram technology and how they affect human emotions. We chose this project in hopes that if they did have similar effects, then we could use this to help allow visually impaired people to better understand how art makes one feel when it is viewed. We found that with current technology, we were not able to replicate the emotions felt from paintings into sounds. Our project is important because a part of the population isn’t able to experience the emotions created by art, and this project could also inspire future technological advancements to make this a reality."

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4 thoughts on “Audio and Art: A Comparison of Auditory and Visual Stimuli on Human Emotions

  1. I love the theme of the PowerPoint. It’s very aesthetically pleasing which makes people want to continue reading the information, and the project was a very interesting concept.

  2. This project was exciting to read through! I am surprised that the most common emotion was anxious/fearful.

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